Liveröd has always been fascinated by collections and collectors, in recent years this has come to manifest itself within the method of working as well. Beyond Liveröds own collections, (most prominently The Liverödska Wunderkammaren and The Vanitas Pavillion)  he has also explored and worked with museum collections of different kinds. 
Some works with collections are presented here, among them the exhibition Closure at Värmlands Museum, where he created a complex installation in dialogue with the archeology collections. Other examples here are with the collections of Bohusläns Museum, The Match museum and Trelleborgs museum. He also writes about collectors and regularely invites specialist collectors to talk at his events at Luftslottet and at  other times stages trips to the sites and homes of rare and unusual collections. 

Here are some samples from both his own collections as well as from the museum projects. 

Video (in swedish) introducing the Vanitas pavillion and the death library.
An introduction to Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren, the central collection and museum at Luftslottet.
An introduction to the smallest museum at Luftslottet – Museum of informal sculpture.