Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren

A micro-museum of the wondrous and unexpected

Liveröd has for many years collected objects that in various ways evokes his curiosity and wonder. The name is a sweedification of the german term Wunderkammer, a room of wonders.
In english this is generally called Cabinet of curiosities but the german term is a better description, a place free of ordinary definitions, here one creates new ways of seeing. The Wunderkammer was a precessor to our contemporary museums, a phenomena that grew in Europe during the renaissance.
It was a form of private collections of extraordinary things, and art, science, esoteric ideas and exotic objects where presented side by side in these rooms of wonder.

Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren (LWK) is equal parts an encyclopedic art project as it is a fully functioning mini museum. Here the visitor meets an eclectic collection of objects in the borderlands of fact and fiction. Some examples are Swedish outsider art, emperor Haile Selassies lion, holy water from Ireland, Indonesian funeral robots, historic documentation of dances at psychiatric hospital and ritual tools from Brazilian voudou. After a decade when LWK functioned as a pop-up museum, it now has a permanent place in the attic of the mill, but it is never finished, it is in a state of constant transformation.

Below are some examples from Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren.