Embedded in the countryside of southern Sweden you find Ågårdskvarn, which historically has functioned as a water mill, a millers house and dairy. Here you find Luftslottet (Castle in the air) an intiative by Liveröd of a truly cross-cultural organisation. At the heart of Luftslottet you find the museum of wonders – Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren (LWK) but in 2023 this develops with the new Vanitas pavillion hosting the death library and collection. Luftslottet also run a guest residency where creatives of all sorts are invited (chefs, journalists, artists, collectors, musicians, and particularely renaissance personalities who are hard to define). Luftslottet, thecollection and the residency is the trinity that serves as an arena for work, wonder, talks, research and socializing. Luftslottet arranges all kind of unexpected events, be it sculptural dinners, Mexican wrestling or talks on the history of hell. Luftslottet was initiated by Jonas Liveröd in 2020 and during 2023 it has among its focus areas the project Otherworldly and a chef-in-residence. At the end of each summer, Luftslottet announces the winner of the Je suis une pipe-prize , a prize founded to encourage the freeing of the mind. Simply put, Luftslottet is a project where art and science, collecting and curiosities, fact and fiction blend.

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