Jonas Liveröd in Dialogue with the Archaeological Collection at Värmlands Museum.

Exploring the museum’s collections, Liveröd developed the project Closure from paintings and objects created by artists in the 1930s and 40s, where ceramic fragments from excavations in the region were depicted with their lost parts recreated, each fragment surrounded by a “ghost form” completing the object. This leads into his own interest in “closure”,a psychological concept describing the human mind’s search for completion. The discovered items can be seen as an archaeological “closure phenomenon”, and he combines them with a monumental sculptural installation – itself a gigantic “ghost form” – interspersed with colourful fragments hinting at a grand past. The room is transformed into an excavation site, implying an ongoing process.

View of the exhibition with the central sculpture Arch.
One of the paintings made for the museum in the
1930-40s of the fragments found and the ghost
of the object it has been part of. The fragments
and the paintings were shown in direct correspondence to each other.