Revenge of the Uncanny


Revenge of the Uncanny is the collaborative stage-show adventure of Tobias Bradford and Liveröd.
It addresses and explores subjects such as: imitations of the human body, failures, the pursuit of life in technology, the human voice as carrier of life, illusions and doppelgangers, spiritism, urges and longing.  Inspired by 19th century illusionist shows where light, sound, illusion, object and story came together, Revenge is equal parts sculptural robotics and audiovisual narrative collage. This is an unpredictable stage show full of forgotten stories, creating connections between seemingly disparate phenomena and events by shedding light on the human way of defining life and non-life. Pre-Premier at the National Museum in Jakarta in connection with the Intra-Chromatic event. Scandinavian premiere in early 2024. Below a trailer to Revenge of the Uncanny trailer:

Still from the premiere of Revenge of the Uncanny at the National Museum in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Jonas & Tobias robot heads are tested in Yogjakarta january 2023. Portrait of Tobias Bradford from his show at Bonniers konsthall 2021.

Tobias Bradford during pre-production in Jakarta in february 2023.