GRAND ASSEMBLY – the book!


GRAND ASSEMBLY: An encyclopedic inventory is now avaliable from publisher LL’Editions! Eight years in the making this is an encyclopedia you will want to own! Buy it here
From the presentation of the publisher: In this extensive book the eclectic universe of swedish artist Jonas LIveröd is presented as a subjective encyclopedia. Like a structured mindmap and encompassing hundreds of works it is a kaleidoscopic overview uncovering links and references within Liveröds personal mythology. It examines works and themes, presenting a simultaneously complex and straight-forward format. Part visual inventory, part reference companion, the reader is invited to explore his work and its relation to subjects such as FAKE, MEMORIALS, ALTERED STATES, PIRANESI, ANIMISM, FOLK ART, NARCOTECTURE, JORGE LUIS BORGES, CHAINSAWS, ESCAPISM, CODE, AMBIVALENCE and AUTHENTICITY.