LIQUID DAYS - Selected photoworks. All of these works are mixed media printed on archival digital prints.
These are small previews, and they really work best in their original size and if you´re curious about a
particular work and want to see a high resolution, detailed version of it, just let me or Jeanette at Gallery
Steinsland-Berliner know. All photoworks are signed and numbered in editions of 5 or 7.

Wet Light (117x95cm.)

Detail of the show The Notes, The Tainted, The Other at Tegnerforbundet.

California Abstracts (85x50cm)

Unconcious Assembly (60x60cm)

Detail of show The Notes, The Tainted, The Other at Tegnerforbundet in Oslo including Purple Epoch, Monument and Hypno-Go-Go. Above: Monument (81x54cm)

Detail of the show Liquid days, including The Find, Unruly landscape and Hypno-go-go Above: The Find (45x70cm)

Dawn, Color Et Al
( 65x67cm)

From the show Liquid days. Including The neck, Lost in Ornaments and All your bad days will end. Above: Lost in Ornaments (65x63cm)

Demented Landscape
(45x70cm) and Animal Magnetism (97x64cm.)

Detail of the show A Large Object or Cluster of Large Objects or More than One Object or Cluster near the Eye
at Breadfield in Malmö, including Demented Landscape, Wet Light, California Abstracts.

The Hiker
(90x60cm) and The Hidden, the revealed (89x72cm).

The Hiker
and The Hidden, The Revealed.

The Grief Hallucinators (homesick)

Damnatio Memoriae (80x57cm)