Landscape painting (Pink Oak)

Ornament & Crime (Brancusi)

The Soft Object #1

The soft objects #2-4.

View of Flotsam & Jetsam at Lothringer13 Halle in Münich.

The Raft - various mediums.

The Tower - glued and treated playing cards

Giacomettian Barbell as part of the show Clusterfuck at Hans & Fritz Contemporaryin Barcelona.

Vanitas #1 - fake hair & real plants. In the background - Socially adjusted sculpture and Esoteric, exotic, dying.

Detail of Esoteric, exotic, dying.

The All-Machine at Örebro Konsthall.

Notre Dame (Slight return) - pencil, wood, paint.

Variable Minimalist Painting - plates with water colours

Object stares back - printed textiles, plastic.

An object or several objects, that seem closer than they appear.various mediums

The Fall of Rome #5 - wood, pencil, plaster, wax.

Damnatio Memoriae (Caligula) - print on archival paper, mdf, mirrors, glue.

Crap L.A - drum, textiles, styrofoam, glue.

Relic - chainsawed, painted and varnished wood. Ca 150 cm tall.

Light dawns on marble head (her) - mixed mediums.

The Mirror (alchemy) - bottles, paint, wood, tubes, plates.

Urn - chainsawed and painted wood.

Weeping Arch - chairs, wood, plaster, styrofoam, paint.

The Vessel - chainsawed and party painted wood.

The socially adjusted sculpture. Vodka bottles, sport socks, magnifying glasses, mirror, foam.

Oviloläge - broken and re-assembled ceramic. ca 85 cm tall.

Dürers Dream and the exstasy of it all - rabbit, etching dictionary, spraycans.

Sex, Death, Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf
. Mixed media.

Berlin Amnesia (for O)
- painted fibreglass

Dawn, Color, Dementia - mixed materials, ca 160 cm high.

Normals hear voices - rucksack, fake hair, textiles.

Wrong ghost - drum, candles, wax, expanding foam.

An attempt at recreating Parthenon wihtout ever having seen it for real
Plaster, wood, styrofoam, pencil, woodcut and white washed podium.