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A new book is here! Grand Assembly: Prologue is an overview of 5 large-scale installations during the past 4 years.
Current and upcoming shows include a soloshow at Ystad Museum of Art,a group show at Galerie Knut Hartwich on Rügen, Germany,
a show at Kristinehamns Museum of Art as well as Tjörnedala Konsthall with Oskar Nilsson and an all new installation in my pavillion
at Alma Lövs Museum featuring Ola Nilsson on a sound piece. I will be guest artist at Bästa Biennalen in Skåne this autumn as well.
I also have new permanent public works completed at schools in Helsingborg and Laholm in Sweden as well as the Department of Arts and Cultural
Sciences in Lund, and during the spring two new comissions for schools in Helsingborg and Laholm, Sweden will be completed.
A lot of time and energy this year is focused on the construction of guest studio, lab site as well as my museum, Den Liverödska Wunderkammaren
in Ågårdskvarn, Sweden. It is an old mill and dairy from 1854 which I am converting to both my own studio as well as spaces for all of the above.
If all works out well, it will open to the public in the near future.